We at XpertPK offers a comprehensive range of services including facilities management, project management, devices, and more, ensuring seamless operations for your business.

Our Facility Management Services


Integrated Facilities Management

Maximize facility value with our comprehensive, integrated FM services.


Soft Services

Transform your properties with our expert soft services: Landscaping, Waste Management, and more


Technical Services

Expert technical services, from HVAC to plumbing and electrical, with a focus on building management and maintenance for all areas.


Project Management

Transform your projects with Xpertpk’s professional fit-out, drawing, renovation and installation management services.



Enhance security and operational efficiency with AI-based biometric devices and hardware/software solutions from Xpert Support Services.

Integrated Facilities Management

Integrated Facilities Management Services: Holistic Solutions for Your Premises

At our company, we believe in delivering integrated facilities management services that address all aspects of property maintenance and management. Our solutions are designed to add value to your assets and enhance your experiences, and we make this possible with the following key components:

At our company, we are committed to delivering value-added services that are based on quick solutions and sustainable asset values. Our technologically equipped technical team streamlines processes and reduces material lead time, providing you with more time to focus on your core business. With our integrated facilities management services, you can be confident that your premises are in good hands.

Soft Services

Soft Services: Holistic Solutions for Your Properties

Our company is dedicated to providing comprehensive soft services that address all aspects of property maintenance and management. Our solutions include:

Our soft services are designed to deliver holistic solutions that enhance the value and appeal of your properties. With our expertise and commitment, you can be confident that your properties are in good hands.

Technical Services​

At XpertPK, our Technical Services provide a comprehensive approach to maintaining and repairing your property’s critical systems. Our team of highly skilled technicians has expertise in the following areas:

Contact us today to learn more about how our Technical Services can enhance your property and ensure that your critical systems are always functioning at their best.

Project Management

With a focus on customer satisfaction and efficiency,’s Project Management services ensure seamless and effective delivery of your project.


XpertPK provides a range of biometric identification technologies that are designed to improve employee identities and strengthen security. These technologies utilize AI-based solutions, which help increase operational efficiency and provide organizations with a higher level of control over access to their facilities.

Some examples of the devices offered by include biometric fingerprint scanners, facial recognition technology, and smart card readers. These devices can be used to manage employee time and attendance, monitor access to restricted areas, and improve overall security at commercial and non-commercial organizations.

Benefits of using these devices include increased accuracy in identifying employees, greater security and control over access to facilities, and improved efficiency in managing employee time and attendance. In addition, these technologies are designed to be user-friendly, easy to install and maintain, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of different organizations.

With’s devices, organizations can enjoy greater security, improved efficiency, and a more streamlined way of managing access to their facilities. Whether you’re looking to improve employee identities, manage access to restricted areas, or improve overall operational efficiency, has the devices and expertise you need to achieve your goals.

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